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Meticulous attention to every single detail,
Giving you the time and space to indulge your five senses
Within an innovative environment
From a new lifestyle icon
- mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection -

The city of Tokyo is constantly evolving, and so too is mesm Tokyo.
The fusion of tradition and innovation in Tokyo fuels the continual evolution taking place in mesm Tokyo.
Our commitment to providing a uniquely special experience extends to even the smallest detail.
Spend your time mesmerized by the playful space that has been created.
From the moment you set foot in mesm Tokyo, your five senses will be pleasantly captivated by the rhythmic pulse of Tokyo.
Here, a harmony of comfort and inspiration - refined and diverse - awaits.
You haven’t seen Tokyo until you’ve seen mesm Tokyo.

mesmerizing five senses

A hotel overflowing with innovation
to mesmerize the senses

The mesm Tokyo hotel is made of contemporary Tokyo.
From the moment you enter, everywhere you go inside you’ll find something that captivates your senses.
A fusion of traditional Japan and the contemporary West is on display throughout. As in our open-kitchen-style restaurant,
Chef's Theatre, where you can enjoy the spirit of old Edo served up in authentic and exquisite dishes,
and in the distinctive corporate tools,
spaces and events that mesm Tokyo has developed in collaboration with leading Japanese companies.
No matter how many times you visit, mesm Tokyo will mesmerize your senses with its innovative approach to life.

the individualist

Offering uniquely special experiences
that enhance the story of your life

You value every second of your life,
which is why you’re constantly seeking out new and enriching experiences.
That is why we draw on the urban energy and creativity encountered in contemporary Tokyo to generate new value and style which are both refined and unique.


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