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Hama-rikyu Gardens

The Hamarikyu Garden once was the family garden of the Tokugawa shogun. On its grounds, there once stood the detached residence of the Shogun`s family. After the Meiji restaurants, the garden became a detached palace of the Imperial family and in 1945 it was donated to the city of Tokyo. 
From the lobby and some of the guest rooms, you can already have a good view over the Hamarikyu Garden, but if you have the time, you may enjoy a stroll through the park during which you can visit the place where the Shogun once stood overlooking the Tokyo harbor and where old duck hunting ponds of the Tokugawa era can still be found. It has been recognized as a Special Place of Scenic Beauty and a Special Historic Site.
about 10 to 15 min from hotel
1-1 Hama-rikyu teien, Chuo-ku, Tokyo