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Access to the Hotel

1-10-30 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
+81 3 5777 1111

By Train
・ 6 minute walk from the North Exit of Hamamatsucho Station on the Yamanote Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line, and Monorail. 
・ 3 minute walk from Takeshiba Station on the Shin-Yurikamome Line
・ 7 minute walk from the B1/B2 Exit of Daimon Station on the Toei Oedo Line and Asakusa Line
By Car
5 minutes from Shiba Park Exit on the Metropolitan Expressway Inner Circular Route to the hotel
※ Hotel underground parking is available for valet service only.
■Use of the hotel's underground parking lot (valet service)
・ Guests Staying at the Hotel
4,000 JPY per / night
※ Available from check-in to check-out.
・ Restaurant Use Only / Others
Valet fee: 2,000 JPY per session
Free parking for 1 hour / 400 JPY per 30 minutes thereafter
※ Marriott Bonvoy Benefits do not apply
■Use of NPC WATERS takeshiba parking lot 
There is some distance between the entrance and the parking lot, and between the parking lot and the main entrance of the hotel.
・ Guests Staying at the Hotel
1,800 JPY for 24 hours from entry
・ Restaurant Use Only / Others
Parking fee 600 JPY per hour / Maximum fee (24 hours) 1,800 JPY
※ Marriott Bonvoy Privileges do not apply
■Parking fee discounts when using Chef's Theatre & Whisk
・ 3 hours free when spending 6,000 JPY or more
・ 5 hours free when spending 12,000 JPY or more
※ Applies to both valet service and NPC WATERS takeshiba parking lot.
※ Rates are determined by the total number of service hours regardless of the number of cars.
※ Discounts for restaurant use do not apply to the valet fee (2,000 yen).
By Limousine Bus from Narita International Airport 
Limousine Bus starts its operation between the hotel and Narita International Airport from October 1st onwards. It takes approximately 2 hours. 
・The timetable is available here.

※Each passenger can check in up to two pieces of luggage, with dimensions not exceeding 50x60x120 cm.
※We regret that we cannot refund missed departures or QR boarding ticket purchases made after passing through the ticket gate.
※Please bring your luggage and arrive at the boarding area at least 5 minutes before departure.