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Tokyo is a megalopolis where time and space overlap, new things are born, and things evolve at a dizzying pace.
A waterside town nurturing diverse cultures and people, Takeshiba’s aspect fluctuates endlessly, like a wave, retaining the atmosphere of a big city where stillness and motion, tradition and innovation intertwine.
mesm Tokyo is a hotel resonating like the waves of Tokyo.
Art, music, scents, gastronomy, enchanting scenes...
From the moment you step into the building, your senses will be pleasantly captivated by the pulse of the vibrant city.

The name "mesm" comes from the word "mesmerize.”
The time you spend at the hotel will be an experience that captivates all five senses. You will widen your horizons, refine your senses, and be filled with inspiration —— such hopes are realizable.