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HIRUME×mesm Tokyo Collaboration on The Theme of “TOKYO WAVES” to Celebrate mesm Tokyo’s Third Anniversary

The “HIRUME×mesm Tokyo” Collaboration Scarf  is sold in limited quantities from April 27th, 2023.
HIRUME, a brand that supports the training of successors who will carry on the techniques of traditional Japanese crafts, and mesm Tokyo launched the unique scarf with a beautiful midnight blue dyed design.
It fuses contemporary art and fashion, based on the philosophy of "transmitting outstanding traditional Japanese craftsmanship to the world" shared by HIRUME and mesm Tokyo.
 Product Overview
■Quantity: 6 pieces
■Material: Silk 100%
■Size: Width: 38cm, Length: 200 cm
■Made in Japan
■Price: 150,000 yen (tax included)
■Available in
・mesm Tokyo Online Store 『mesm Tokyo Store
・mesm Tokyo’s reception
・mesm Tokyo Private Salon 『Club mesm