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A special collaboration with NISSAN new "FAIRLADY Z"

If you are a fun of cars, this news might stir up your interest! We collaborate with NISSAN FAIRLADY Z, a sports car loved by fans worldwide, making over 1.8 million units worldwide, and offers a unique exhibition that will be held for a limited time from October 1st (Sat) to 31st (Mon), 2022.

- Period : 2022/10/1~2022/10/31
- Special collaboration
(1) Special exhibition of NISSAN new "FAIRLADY Z" at the hotel
The new FAIRLADY Z (Ceylan Blue) decorated with the hotel logo will be displayed at the hotel entrance during the period. 
*Exhibition hours : 08:00~20:00
*There may be times when the exhibition is not available due to hotel congestion.
*Test rides are not available.

(2) Mocktails [Fu-Rai FAIRLADY Z special] 
The mocktails "Fu-jin: Ceylan Blue" (God of Wind) and "Rai-jin: Ikazuchi Yellow" (God of Thunder) will be available at our Bar and Lounge "Whisk". They represent two distinctive body colours of the new FAIRLADY Z.
"Fu-jin" is inspired by the god of wind, a blue storm that blows in early summer. This cocktail expresses the mighty and extraordinary Ceylan Blue colour and a deep sense of shade. The Japanese citrus sudachi provides the base flavour with lemon and pink grapefruit, giving it a refreshing, fast-paced taste.
"Rai-jin" expresses an intense Ikazuchi yellow colour inspired by the god of thunder, based on yuzu sparkling and mandarin orange juices, homemade chrysanthemum cordial and lemon; it has a refreshing and deep flavour.
*Special offer for purchasers : a FAIRLADY Z Tomica (Minicar, not on general sale) and a FAIRLADY Z catalogue / a limited number of 5 people per day
*Venue : Bar & Lounge "Whisk"
*Time : 16:00~
*Pricing : 2,800 yen
*Advanced reservation is required. Click here of a reservation.

(3) A free valet parking service for guests who come to the hotel by FAIRLADY Z
*Parking spaces are limited.

If you have any inquiries, please contact Star Service (Tel: 03-5777-1111 / Email: ) anytime.


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