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"BLUE FANTASY 2023" - Magical Holiday Experience at mesm Tokyo

A captivating world of art, music and the cool Tokyo vibe at “mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection.” 
A luxury creative hotel themed around the brand’s signature midnight blue concept from 1st December to 8th January for the winter holidays. The hotel welcomes guests with a symphony of dazzling festive-season meals, music, gifts, and opportunities to gather joyfully during its "BLUE FANTASY 2023.”
Dec 1 – Jan.8
The winter holidays are an especially magical season to visit mesm Tokyo, which embodies a cutting-edge style art, music and modern Japanese culture. During this period, the art pieces at the entrance will be enveloped in midnight blue. The 16th-floor lobby will also be bathed in midnight blue lighting, with ceiling art swaying to the rhythm of high-quality music, creating a fantastical "BLUE FANTASY" reminiscent of the ocean surface.
As an additional perk for staying guests, mesm Tokyo will gift original tattoo stickers and decorate elevator interiors, creating perfect photo spots for crafting unforgettable holiday memories in Japan while offering. mesm Tokyo guests a feast for their senses.
Dec 1 – Jan.8
A portion of the proceeds from the "BLUE FANTASY" period will be donated to Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology. The funds contribute to initiatives for the preservation of Tokyo Bay's marine environment.
DEC 22 – DEC 25
A magnificent and lavish festive dining menu for lunch and dinner will be offered. Furthermore, there will be a special live performance in the lobby against the backdrop of Tokyo’s night skyline, adding a distinct touch to the holiday season.

-Festive Lunch Period: December 23th ~ 25th
-Venue: Restaurant “Chef's Theatre”
-Lunch Operation Hours: 11:30~15:00 (L.O.14:00)
-Festive Dinner Period: December 22th ~ 25th
-Venue: Restaurant “Chef's Theatre”
-Dinner Operation Hours: 17:00~22:00 (L.O. 20:30)
*Please note that the opening hours and services may change without advance notice according to the circumstances. 
Lunch: 13,500 yen
Dinner: 26,000 yen
  *These prices include tax and service charges.
Click here for an online reservation.
Phone: +81-3-5777-1111
A countdown party at the bar and the restaurant accompanied by free-flowing Champagne, offering delightful entertainments rooted in Japanese culture. Advance reservations are required for all guests wishing to participate this memorable celebration.
mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection, conveniently accessible from the international airport, offers easy access to Tokyo's charming landmarks such as Ginza, Tsukiji, Asakusa, Shinjuku, and Shibuya. Make your stay during the year-end and New Year's holidays truly memorable at mesm Tokyo.
・Nao Murata (izuma)
A Japanese-style magician with a world view full of poetry somewhere beautiful.
Her rich and outstanding expression of fantastic sceneries making her stand out from many other magicians. 
2022 Magic World Competition FISM Japan & ASIA representative, 2018 Magic World Competition FISM North America representative. 
The officially certificated artists of Tokyo (11th Heaven Artists). 
She also performed overseas such as Hong Kong, Macao, New Caledonia, etc. and also doing at the Japanese Embassy in Korea, and a month tour of France. 
In addition to the wonder of magic tricks, it attracts a lot of audiences in a world view full of breathtaking poetry. She performs not only in theaters but also museums or tangible cultural assets etc. are also expanding the range of activities.

・Makoto Nakata(Shamisen player)
A Shamisen performer affiliated with the General Corporation Nagauta Touonkai Kenshujo, and a member of the General Corporation Nagauta Touonkai and Nagauta Association. With a repertoire spanning from traditional Japanese folk songs, Tsugaru Shamisen, and Nagauta Shamisen, to covers of popular tunes and classical music, he captivates audiences with his versatile Shamisen performances.
Having graced international stages, he participated in the Earth Celebration, organized by the world-renowned Japanese Taiko drumming group "Kodo," alongside Alteisorera. He performances in the flamenco dance group Alteisora's stage shows (2010, 2014, 2015) and the tour in Spain (2016) amazed the audience.

-Period: December 31th
-Venue: Restaurant “Chef's Theatre”, Bar & Lounge "Whisk"
-Operation Hours
Open 22:30
Start 23:00
Performance 23:25~23:55
Countdown 24:00
Lucky draw 24:15
Close 25:00(L.O. : 24:30 for Free flow drink)
*Please note that the opening hours and services may change without advance notice according to the circumstances. 
・Free-flow of Moët & Chandon, Red Wine, White Wine, Standard Cocktails, Mizubasho Junmai Dry Sparkling, Soft Drinks.
・Chef's Special Plate
・Lucky Draw Participation Ticket
・Free-flow of Soft Drinks.
・Lucky Draw Participation Ticket

・Standard Plan: 12,650 yen per person
・Plan with a bottle of Dom Perignon: 25,250 yen per person 
6,325 yen (For children aged 6 to 12 years old.)
 *These prices include tax and service charges.
-Reservations available online;
・For those that enjoy listening to music;
Reservation at Whisk 
・For those that enjoy entertainment;  
Reservation at Chef's Theatre 

 *Access to the venue is not allowed. Please choose your preferred venue and make a reservation.
 *Guests other than those staying overnight are welcome to participate.
 *For children aged 6 to 12, an additional fee of 6,325 yen (including tax and service charge) will be charged. Please note that the fee for children will be settled upon arrival, so please be aware of this in advance.
 *Children aged 5 and below are free of charge.
 *When underage children participate, it is mandatory for a parent or guardian to accompany them.
 *Please be aware that the event details are subject to change without prior notice.
 *The operating hours and fees mentioned above are applicable only on December 31st and differ from regular business operations.