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About Private Salon Club mesm Reopen after Renovating

The private salon “Club mesm” will be reopened as a space that all in-house guests can use from August 1, 2023. The new salon will provide one-of-a-kind, higher quality service and experience that can only be found here, such as carefully selected Japan-made beverages, three types of "Club mesm" original signature cocktails, and carefully selected Japanese amusements that are included in the cover charge. The unique space that is under the concept of “JAPAN FLOW” enables all guests to enjoy the food and beverages with simply a cover charge to spice up the experience.
There is a wide selection of non-alcoholic beverages, including original blend coffee from "Sarudahiko Coffee", Gyokuro and hojicha teas, and a carefully selected lineup of domestic beverages inspired by the Bay Area, such as the world's favorite Japanese whiskeys, craft gins, craft beers, unique and colorful shochu and sake, red and white wines, and sparkling wines, which are also popular overseas. The three distinctive cocktails, named after the kanji characters of "Coffee," "Matcha," and "Lemon," are only available at the hotel. mesm Tokyo provides a one-of-a-kind contrast between the rich seasonal beauty of Edo's Hamarikyu Gardens and the flow of the Sumida River and the vibrancy and sparkle of Tokyo metropolis.
■Business Hour
16:00~23:00(LO Dining:22:00 Drink:22:30) 
※Club mesm may be reserved for events.
■Number of Seats
69 seats (Private rooms are available for meetings, etc. Please contact us for details.)
Reservation required
Please reserve from here.
※Same-day reservations could be made by phone
■Eligible Users
All Guests who stay in mesm Tokyo
※All beverages and food are charged in addition to the cover charge.
※Cover charge, 1,500 yen per person including tax and service charge (with 3 kinds of amuse)
※No person under the age of 20 allowed
※Marriott Bonvoy™ Ambassador Elite member will receive a complimentary cover charge when using Club mesm.