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Afternoon Exhibition "Fifer" - Nov. 1st - Feb 28th

Bar and Lounge “Whisk” invites you to our original art-inspired afternoon tea "Afternoon Exhibition".
From November 1st, we will offer "Fifer", an artistic selection of sweets and pairing drinks inspired by Edouard Manet's "The Fifer". The set features the elegant combination of three countries that greatly influenced Manet's style, such as Spanish painters and Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints, as well as his home country, France.
As the name "Afternoon Exhibition" implies, we hope you enjoy an artistic and inspirational afternoon with a spectacular view of the waterfront.
Period: 2022/11/1 ~ 2022/2/28
Operation hours: 14:00~ /15:00~
*The set is available only on weekdays and is limited to 15 people per day. (4,950 JPY per person/including tax and service charge)