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Autograph Collection Hotels & Fotografiska Unveil ‘Impressions’, A Cultural Project Celebrating the Art of Travel

Autograph Collection Hotels – the diverse and dynamic collection of independent hotels championing individuality, together with Fotografiska, the contemporary museum of photography, art, and culture, will unveil a new cultural project in multiple cities around the world in the coming months, beginning with its debut in New York City on July 21. In Impressions, four award-winning photographers, in residence at Autograph Collection Hotels, showcase their takes on extraordinary places, revealing new dimensions and fresh perspectives through photography.

Alessandra Sanguinetti stayed at mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection.
"During her stay at Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection, Alessandra Sanguinetti probed the surfaces of Tokyo in search of character and mystery, revealing unseen dimensions. Sanguinetti uses contrast to reveal the life beneath the surface, the life we don’t always see. Her images, which employ light and dark to dramatic effect, offer striking glimpses into the rich interior worlds and textures of ordinary lives in Tokyo."