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Whisk's new Layered Parfait – Apr. 15th- Jun. 30th

Whisk’s new “layered parfait” delivers spring vibes.
The melon parfait, featuring fresh orange melon, which is characterized by its sweetness and rich taste, as well as plum wine jelly and Brillat-Savarin cheese cream, will be available in limited quantities from April 15 (Sat.) to June 30 (Fri.). 
Refresh yourself with the perfect dessert for a new start. 
*Period: from Apr. 15th (Sat.) to Jun 30th (Fri.)
*Venue: Bar & Lounge "Whisk"
*Price: 2,800 yen (including tax and service charge)
Set plan: 3,800 yen (set with beverage/ free refill of tea or coffee), including consumption tax and service charge.
*Reservations are required for the set plan.