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Whisk's new Layered Parfait – Jan.9th-Mar 31st, 2024

Immerse yourself in the festive spirit with Whisk's "Layered Parfait," expertly crafted to welcome the New Year in style. This exquisite dessert, adorned with a mesmerizing contrast of red and white, showcases the finest Japanese strawberries of the season.
Exclusive to Whisk from January 9th (Tue) to March 31st (Fri), 2024, this limited-edition "Layered Parfait" boasts an indulgent use of seasonal Japanese strawberries. Dwelve deeply into the delightful essence of winter merging into spring, and savor a sensory journey distinctive to Mesm Tokyo. 
Feel the delightful essence of winter transitioning into spring, and relish a sensory journey that only Mesm Tokyo can offer. 
Treat yourself to this unparalleled sweet delight designed to captivate all five senses.Experience the essence of the season with every blissful bite, available only at Whisk.
*Period: from Jan. 9st (Tue.) to Mar.31th (Sun.)
*Price: 2,800 yen (including tax and service charge)
Set plan: 3,800 yen (set with beverage/ free refill of tea or coffee), including consumption tax and service charge.
*Reservations are required for the set plan.
*Venue: Bar & Lounge "Whisk"
Click here for an online reservation.
Phone: +81-3-5777-1111