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The Phantom of the Opera themed guest room

For a limited time, we are offering The Phantom of the Opera themed guest room made in collaboration with the Japanese Shiki theater company with its latest production of the popular musical "The Phantom of the Opera". The room is made up to resemble Christine's elegant dressing room, with a display of the actual Phantom’s mask, a poster of Hannibal, and a mirror trick. There are also late 19th-century-Paris style cake and sparkling wine, and an especially designed gorgeous headboard.
Immerse yourself in the romantic and tragedy of one of the greatest love stories in the world.
Period : 2021/8/6~2022/7/31 
Room type : chapter 1 twin (40㎡)
Room charge
-room charge for 1-2 persons : JPY 69,950~
-including breakfast for 1 person : JPY 74,250~/ for 2 persons : JPY 78,550~
*These prices are for one room per night including tax and service charge.
*Musical tickets are not included.
Special benefits
-19th-century-Paris style cake and a bottle of sparkling wine
-an original pouch with company logo per person
*Please call 03-5777-1111 for reservations.
*If you have any questions, please contact anytime.