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Self-service style buffet starts at restaurant "Chef's Theatre"

Starting on December 8th, we will start serving "mesm Breakfast" in a self-service buffet style at Chef's Theatre.
At the kitchen counter, you can pick from a variety of classic French delicacies, healthy Japanese dishes, a variety of pastries and bread, granola and cereals, fresh salads and fruits, soup of the day, yogurt, our iconic 5 drink set "Gokan Drinks", and a specialty sandwich made with bread from a popular bakery store "Signifiant Signifie".
Additionally, our chef will make your Snow Crab Omelette using selected butter and cage free egg, right in front of you.
You can enjoy all of these while enjoying stunning views of Tokyo. 
6:30 - 11:00 (L.O. 10:00)
5,700 yen (including tax and service charge)
*We serve the same breakfast to Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Elite, Titanium Elite and Ambassador Elite members as well.