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New Lunch Course, “The short lunch program,” starts from April 5, 2023

We will offer a short lunch program themed "TOKYO WAVES” at the hotel's 16th-floor French restaurant, Chef's Theatre, from April 5 (Thursday) during lunch hours only.
The short lunch program is intended to give guests as much time as possible to savor weekday delectable cuisine. From the beginning of the course menu to the after-dinner drink, it takes around an hour. With an abundance of carefully chosen seasonal ingredients, culinary Master Kumi Kumamoto, who has won multiple international culinary competitions, has devised a course meal that consists of an appetizer, soup, main dish, dessert, and after-dinner drink. 
Enjoy the handcrafted bread baked in Nambu ironware and the vibrant dishes that highlight the best of the season's ingredients. Paired with cool seasonal treats by chief culinary artist Hidenori Yoshida, a choice of after-dinner drinks, including "Takeshiba Blend," originally blended for mesm Tokyo by Sarudahiko Coffee will be provided. 
-Period: from April 5th (Thursday), weekdays only 
-Venue: Restaurant “Chef's Theatre”
-Operation Hours
Lunch: 11:30~15:00 (L.O.14:00)
  *Please note that the opening hours and services may change without advance notice according to the circumstances. Click here for the latest updates.
-Price: 3,800 yen
  *These prices are including tax and service charges.
Click here for online reservation.
Phone: +81-3-5777-1111